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models of inventory management

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Operations research as a decision-making sci, Short Define operations resea...

Short Define operations research as a decision-making science

Information resources, INFORMATION RESOURCES: Information resources ar...

INFORMATION RESOURCES: Information resources are of two kinds, namely, Documentary and Non-Documentary Sources. Documentary Sources: A document embodies thought. I

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Case  Study - Data Analysis Sandarsen  inc was testing new  packaging  and a few  recipe  for a family  desert cookie  that had  been  on the  market for several years. It wa

Cgj, application&techniques


Advantages of mean deviation - measure of dispersion, Advantages  of Mea...

Advantages  of Mean  Deviation a.It is based on all the  observation . any  change in any  item would  change the value of mean  deviation. b.Mean  deviation  is less  aff

Transpotation problem, a manufacture wants to ship 8 loads of his product a...

a manufacture wants to ship 8 loads of his product as shown below. The matrix gives the mileage from origin to the destination D. Origin Destination Available A B C X 50 30 220

Pamphlets and Patents - classification of documents, Pamphlets - classifica...

Pamphlets - classification of documents: A pamphlet is an independent publication. It is normally a document of a few printed pages, usually less than 49. Pamphlets cover an e

C++ programs, C++ code for assignment problem

C++ code for assignment problem

Least cost method of transportation model, how do you calculate using this ...

how do you calculate using this method where the least cost appears twice

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