Introduction to aspects of electrical maintenance, Chemical Engineering

INTRODUCTION : Earlier in this course you have read about the requirements of laboratories. You also know that these requirements can be for consumable and non consumable nature. Once such items are purchased and put into the stock of the laboratory, it becomes important to monitor their availability, use and maintenance. All the records related to the purchase, use and maintenance of lab items should be entered into the register. You have already read about such registers i.e., inventory register stock register in Unit 5 of this course.

In the previous exercises you have learnt how to make purchases for lab requirements and make entries in the stock register. In the present exercises you will perform activities regarding study of stock register and physical verification of the articles present in the lab as recorded in the stock registers.

You will also be involved in preparing the list of missing or the excess items and writing to the dealers about servicing and maintenance of the apparatus.



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