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a) Globalisation refers to the interdependence and integration of economic, social and politic issues (services, goods, people and capital), across the world. For example, consumers from different countries have increasingly similar tastes and habits. Hence, educational establishments such as universities no longer provide only for the domestic student.

b) Segmentation can allow the universities to have a better understanding of the various types of customers (students in this case) and hence help such organizations to create better (more cost-effective) marketing activities. Students might be segmented in diverse ways, such as:

• Age - e.g. mature students or college graduates

• Gender - e.g. female and male students might have varying interests and hobbies and this can help universities to plan their extra-curricular activities (thereby enhancing the experience of their customers).

• Ethnic background - e.g. background and culture. Many universities have societies and clubs to supply for people from different regions of the world. The product range in the university canteen could also be pretentious by the demographics of the students.

• Language - other forms of written marketing correspondence and Newsletters can also be translated into different languages to cater for students from overseas countries.

• Religion - e.g. Hong Kong Baptist University.

• Academic ability - Universities can use segmentation data to target the appropriate student for their courses and establishments. For example, Harvard and Cambridge will target their marketing at top (academic) schools across the world. Such universities are more likely to use focused marketing; other universities may use more conventional marketing techniques.

Overall, effectual segmentation can assist universities to develop more specific marketing strategies for their overseas customers and have opportunities to target a wider range of students.

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