Illustration based on production sectors, Business Management

Production Sectors

a) A = Indonesia

B = Belgium

C = Czech Republic

b) Indonesia


Czech Republic













Explanation and analysis of the data is needed to support the given answers. For example:

  • In LEDCs like Indonesia, agriculture accounts for a larger percentage of GDP. Belgium and the Czech Republic do not, therefore, fit this trend.
  • India's large pool of graduates and English-speaking workers means that its tertiary sector is also relatively significant. Many US and UK multinationals, for example, have invested directly in India for this very reason.
  • The Czech Republic is an industrializing nation, and it is therefore safe to assume that manufacturing accounts for a significant share of GDP; this is more apparent in the Czech Republic than in the other two countries.
  • The services sector is the most predominant sector in MEDCs, such as Belgium. In addition, Belgium does not need to rely heavily on its manufacturing base, unlike the Czech Republic.
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