Illustrate the methods to evaluate osseointegration, Biology

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Q. Illustrate the Methods to evaluate osseointegration?

The criteria of success in implant dentistry remains complex. The vast majority of clinical reports noting success and failure do not qualify the success achieved. Earlier implant failure only meant that the implant was no longer present. The concept of success should be eliminated and replaced with the concept of quality of health.

The criteria for endosteal implants have been previously proposed by many authors including Schnitman and Shulman, Cranin et al, McKinney et al and Albrektssonet al and those included in this discussion are as follows:

1. Pain

2. Rigid fixation

3. Percussion

4. Bone loss

5. Radiographic evaluation

6. Periimplant  diseases

7. Probing depth

8. Bleeding index

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