Illustrate the handshaking protocol, Operating System

Q. The instance of handshaking used 2 bits: a busy bit as well as a command-ready bit. Is it probable to implement this handshaking with only 1 bit? If it is illustrate the protocol. If it isn't explain why 1 bit is insufficient.

Answer: It is probable using the following algorithm. Let's presume we simply use the busy-bit (or the command-ready bit this answer is the similar regardless). While the bit is off the controller is idle. The host writes to data-out as well as sets the bit to signal that an operation is readies (the equivalent of setting the command-ready bit). While the controller is finished it clears the busy bit. The host then commence the next operation.

This solution necessitates that both the host and the controller have read and write access to the same bit which can complicate circuitry and increase the cost of the controller.

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