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Illustrate the GKS system

The user communicates with the graphic system via his program. The GKS system is embedded in the user program by an application-oriented layer and a language independent layer, whereby each layer calls upon the functions of the adjacent lower layer. The following services are available to the user : 

  • methods for the abstract definition of the peripherals which are needed for a CAD session;
  • definition of basic graphic elements, polynomials, text and so on;
  • performance of graphic operations such as transformation, rotations, picture segmentation, editing and so on;
  • generation of a neutral picture file (meta-file) for the system independent storage of data, the exchange of data between different CAD systems and the organization of the output of graphic data;
  • definition of a segment file for storing picture segments during a CAD session;
  • input and output of graphic information.


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