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Q. Illustrate Biological effects of Ochratoxin?

Biological effects: It is associated with the chronic progressive kidney disease in humans known as Balkan endemic nephropathy. There is increased evidence that it can also be considered as a carcinogen with genotoxic property as well as a potent nephrotoxin. The availability of improved methods of analysis has demonstrated that ochratoxin is quite widespread in foods and its presence in human body fluids confirms that there is a significant exposure with the human population. Ochratoxin is immunosuppressive and inhibits protein biosynthesis. Ochratoxin A has been classified by the International Agency for Reseach on Cancer (IARC) as a possible human carcinogen. Low doses as 70μg/kg body weight can induce kidney tumors in male rats. Its oral LD50 in rats is 20 to 22 mg/kg, and it is both hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic.

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