I want a high quality website for apartment rental, PHP Web Programming

Apartment Rental Website

I want a high quality website designed for use in rental real estate. The site will be a professional advertising tool that entices new tenants to college rental units as well as provides them with the key information they need to know.

Job description- The following specific features will be required-

- Abruptly designed site that is attractive to both the young college student who is renting the apartment as well as the older parents who are paying the rent.

a) Links to floorplans of each apartment

b) Links to a document library where tenants can view and download sample leases and deposit agreements

c) Availability visual aid to display apartment availability for upcoming semesters

d) Ability for me to simply update pages on the site and to add/remove content as necessary without having to bring in new developer.

e) Contact link where prospective tenants can indicate that they are interested in renting the apartment or requesting a showing.

Web development project type- New Website

Desired Skills are CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP

Posted Date: 1/29/2014 5:04:42 AM | Location : United States

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