I need kinect fitting room - smart fitting mirror, DOT NET Programming

I need Kinect Fitting Room - Smart Fitting Mirror

I'm presently looking for someone able to create software exactly like this fitnect (Kinect Fitting Room).

Software can work with Kinect for Windows and a HD webcam (both)

- Kinect for windows to collect costumer's actions

- And HD webcam to deliver costumer's display to LCD secreen

Important features are:

- Share photos on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

- Auto adjustment.

- Capability of adding new 3D Models (for new clothes) on an easy way. Products of the retail store to be 3D modeled into programmed to let users try them virtually

- The application should allow users to see the models from behind if they turn around

The final product could be the application working with Microsoft Kinect and the source code.

Skills required:

3D Modelling, Kinect, PHP, C# Programming, Software Architecture

Posted Date: 1/28/2014 2:58:38 AM | Location : United States

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