I need help to make hotel booking site, PHP Web Programming

I need help to make Hotel Booking Site - GDS Integration

We are building a hotel booking site through GDS integration. We wish to grow very quickly to test concept as well as opportunities for further work will depend on initial success. Site will have 6 to 7 pages.

We will provide wire frames, specific product requirements, and front- end PSD file.

Product Requirements-

a) Ability To Search for hotel from Customized Splash Page

b) Ability to use GDS API for hotel results, detail, and booking

c) Ability to continue workflow where user can select some preferences

d) Ability to store user data/preferences in a DB

e) Ability to generate auto emails to several email aliases

f) Ability to translate PSD to HTML/CSS for UI

Desired Skills are MySQL Administration, HTML, Java, PHP and API

Posted Date: 1/30/2014 4:22:05 AM | Location : United States

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