I desire to build an online directory for local maids, PHP Web Programming

I desire to build an Online Directory for local Maids and Cleaners

I am seeking to build an online directory for maids and cleaners using Ruby On Rails and Twitter Bootstrap. Both residential as well as commercial cleaning companies as well as independent maids and cleaners will be represented and listed on the website.

A person observing to find a maid close to their location will come to the website as well as enter their city in to the prominently displayed search box (see attached Home Page PDF for reference). Afterward searching they will be given a list of potential cleaners (see results page PDF for reference).

What I am looking for is somebody to build the "bare-bones" of this website with the functionality listed below using Ruby on Rails and Twitter Bootstrap. I have numerous more additions that I would like to add once the site is up and getting traffic however would like to get something online and functioning. Right now the pages as well as functionality that I am wanting for the first run are listed below

I require following Skills Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap

Posted Date: 1/24/2014 5:34:46 AM | Location : United States

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