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Q. Human approach to job design?

Human approach: the Human relations approach recognized the need of design jobs which are interesting and rewarding. In the past two decades much work has been directed to changing jobs so that the jobs incumbents can satisfy their needs for growth, recognition and responsibility. Herzberg's research popularized the notion of enhancing need satisfaction through what is called job enrichment. One widely publicized approach to the job enrichment used what is called as the job characteristics model and this has been explained separately in the ensuring section.

According to the Herzberg's there are two types of factors

1. Motivators like achievement, recognition, work itself, responsibility, advancement and growth and

2. Hygienic factors (which merely maintain the employee on the job and in the organization) like working conditions, organization policies, inter personnel relations, pay and job security.

According to the Herzberg's, the employee is dissipated with the job if it is required maintenance factors to the required degree are not introduced into the job. But, employee may not be satisfied even if the required maintenance factors are provided. Herzberg's feels that the employee will be satisfied with his job and he will be more productive if motivations are introduced into the job contact. As such, he asserts that the job designer has to introduce hygienic factors adequately so as to reduce dissatisfaction and build motivating factors. Thus Herzberg has laid emphasis on the psychological needs of employees in designing job.

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