Hrm and organisational behaviour theories and frameworks, HR Management

As a HR specialist, what are the challenges you may face and what HR intervention mechanisms would you consider using in an attempt to drive individual and organisational performance in a multinational company? Critically evaluate this question by utilising the appropriate academic literatures.

You should consider the following:

1. The rhetoric and the changing landscape of HRM and Organisational Behaviour domain field.

2. The HRM & Organisational Behavioural Tools e.g. training, performance management, empowerment, diversity

3. Significance of the HRM and organisational behaviour theories and frameworks in assisting managers coping with cross-cultural dynamics of contemporary organisations.

4. Assumptions underpinning the way in which HRM and organisational behaviour theories and frameworks have been propagated, particularly across different multinational environments.

5. The influence of culture vis-a-vis the 'enactment' of HRM practices in the management of individuals in multinational organisations.

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