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OSHU is a consulting firm providing professional advice and support services in the field of Occupational Safety and Health to client organizations, both in the public and private sectors. Feedback surveys completed by its customers have recently highlighted customer service problems, including ‘ignorant or uninformed staff and ‘indifferent or inattentive staff'.

OSHU has traditionally provided focused training. The Manager of one store, (a prospective client of the OSHU) has been heard to say "My employees know their working environment and they know they can get it from us. Training in safety and Health is a waste of time and resources."

As the newly appointed Director of OSHU, you decide that the overall feedback surveys give sufficient impetus for you to recommend a new and positive attitude to training.

Draft a report addressed to the Manager, outlining the following:

(a) What you consider to be the benefits of training to:
(i) The organization
(ii) The individual

(b) How you would identify the training needs of staff?

(c) What methods you would choose to satisfy the training needs of Staff?

(d) How you would carry out evaluation of training methods?

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