How to planning the daily diet for underweight patients, Biology

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How to Planning the Daily Diet for Underweight Patients?

As mentioned above you need to add calories gradually to the diet. A practical way of doing so is to take the present intake of the patient and to improve upon it both qualitatively and quantitatively day by day till you reach the prescribed level. Try to add foods from most of the food groups. You can add 500 Kcal to the diet by including any of the following combinations

Whole milk:  l glass

Boiled egg:  one

Bread:  one slice

Banana:  one


Chapatties:  2

Dal:  1 bowl (30 g raw)

Cottage cheese:  40g

Sapota:  One

Fried Rice:  1 bowl (30 graw)

Curd (who1e milk):  1 bowl (100 g)

Ice cream with fruits:  1 cup

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