How the drawbacks of WFM technique have been overcome, Mechanical Engineering

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The drawbacks of WFM technique have been overcome


While no representation can describe all possible solids, a representation should be able to represent a useful set of geometric objects. 


When you see a representation of a solid, you will know what is being represented without any doubt. An unambiguous representation is usually referred to as a complete one. 


That is, there is only one way to represent a particular solid. If a representation is unique, then it is easy to determine if two solids are identical since one can just compare their representations.  


A representation is said accurate if no approximation is required.


This means a representation should not create any invalid or impossible solids. More precisely, a representation will not represent an object that does not correspond to a solid.


Solids will be transformed and used with other operations such as union and intersection. "Closure" means that transforming a valid solid always yields a valid solid.

Compactness and Efficiency

A good representation should be compact enough for saving space and allow for efficient algorithms to determine desired physical characteristics.


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