How marketing techniques might help changeland''s government, Marketing Management

The country of Changeland has, for many years, operated as a military dictatorship. Last year, though, a people's revolution brought a democratic election for the first time in living memory. The newly elected Government has pledged to better housing, healthcare and levels of education. It has also promised a 'fair' system of taxation which should be fairly a contrast from the corrupt means of raising revenue that had previously operated under the military dictatorship.

Explain how marketing techniques and thinking might help Changeland's Government shape consumers' buying behaviour in a way that it sees as more desirable.

Indisputably, marketing methods and thinking can influence individual buying habits and consumption patterns. These methods are used extensively within the private sector but increasingly their use is being seen as having value in the public sector. Marketing could be used by Changeland's Government to try to shape consumers' buying behaviour in a way that it sees as more desirable.

Concentrate on customer benefits

The same principles adopted by private sector companies of understanding the consumer and strategically building relationships based on emotional as well as rational advantages can be applied by the Government. Social marketing focuses on human behaviour in order to understand the reasons for lifestyle decisions like behaviour that affects an individual's health.

Customer orientation 

The Government could develop a strong customer orientation with meaning attached to understanding the customer, the things that shape attitudes and beliefs, along with the social context in which they live and work. It might be that the population has, in the past, been denied these products completely and this may be impacting upon current consumption patterns. Alternatively consumers might be believe that their excessive consumption will not harm either themselves or society as a whole. This is something that the Government must challenge with detail of days lost though excess consumption, etc.


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