How is hop-by-hop segmentation of the ipv6 packets avoided, Computer Networking

Question 1:

(a) How are IPv4 addresses transformed into IPv6 addresses using IPv4 compatible addresses?

(b) Name some of the simplifications that were introduced in IPv6.

(c) What is the purpose of flows?

(d) How is hop-by-hop segmentation of the IPv6 packets avoided?

(e) What is used instead of options in IPv6?

Question 2:

(a) What is the fundamental difference of HTML compared to WML? Why is the difference important with respect to handheld devices? What is specified in addition to save bandwidth?

(b) Why has a scripting language been added to WML? How can this language help saving bandwidth and reducing delay?

(c) Why is strong consistency of file systems problematic in a wireless and mobile environment? What are the alternatives?

(d) How to conventional file systems react to disconnected systems?

(e) Is WDP a fixed protocol and why does WAP not define a SAP which WDP can use?

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