How does the federal government regulate plant-incorporated, Biology

How does the federal government regulate plant-incorporated protectants and ensure their safe use in foods?

EPA regulates the manufacture, sale and use of pesticides, containing plant-incorporated protectants, in the United States. In addition to make sure that registered pesticides will not pose unreasonable adverse effects to human health and the environment when used in accordance with the label, the Agency also make sures that pesticide residues in food are safe by setting limits on the amount of a pesticide residue that can be there on foods (known as a food tolerance).   Under these rules, unless a plant-incorporated protectant falls under a legal exemption, EPA must register it and set a food tolerance for residues of the plant-incorporated protectant (or determine on a case-by-case basis to exempt it from the food tolerance requirement) before it can be marketed.

FDA scientists test food commodity samples to see if any substances, such as plant-incorporated protectant residues, are there in unacceptable amounts.  If contaminants are identified, FDA takes corrective action.  FDA also verifies food labeling standards to ensure that such labels are not misleading and to help consumers know what is in the foods they buy. 


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