How cross cultural training programs are beneficial, Management Theories

How cross cultural training programs are beneficial for multinational companies?

Appropriate data

            For addressing this research question, concepts about cross cultural training programs, need and importance of cross cultural training programs for MNC's are discussed. Along with this, various methods of cross cultural training programs such as didactic training, experimental training, language training, and cultural awareness training programs are described (Briscoe, Schuler & Claus, 2008). In addition of this, process of development of cross cultural training programs including all steps like goals, need and resource analysis, evaluation, proper methodology, design and implementation is discussed (Cowley & Hanna, 2005). Additionally, information of impact of cross cultural training programs and expatriate management on the performance of multinational companies is collected. Cross cultural training programs are helpful for the MNC's to adjust in new cultures through increasing knowledge and skills of employees regarding new culture and new environment.

Level of data

            For this research, primary data is collected through the survey in one multinational company and asking questions to HR managers of that. Sony Company is selected for collecting primary information regarding cross cultural training programs and their importance to manage business expansion strategies and adjust in new culture with new language, working style, religion and demands of customers (Osman-Gani & Rockstuhl, 2009). HR manager of this company provide valuable information related to cross cultural training programs and their benefits for the company. Along with this, secondary information is collected through authentic books, articles, websites and journals. 



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