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what is horizontal retrce

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Programming, i want to learn how to programme

i want to learn how to programme

Hypertext, Hypertext: it is conceptually very similar as regular text: it ...

Hypertext: it is conceptually very similar as regular text: it can be stored, searched, read, or edited along with a significant difference: hypertext is text along with pointers

Constant intensity shading or flat shading, Constant intensity shading OR F...

Constant intensity shading OR Flat shading  In this technique particular intensity is calculated for each polygon surface that is all points that lie upon the surface of the

B splines, What is uniform rational splines

What is uniform rational splines

Various cases of cohen sutherland line clippings - algorithm, Various cases...

Various cases of Cohen Sutherland Line Clippings Currently, we study how this clipping algorithm works. For the sake of simplicity we will tackle all the cases with the assist

Drawing, how can I draw a flower.

how can I draw a flower.

Filled-area primitives - output primitives, Filled-Area Primitives  Fil...

Filled-Area Primitives  Filled-area primitives are one of the most important types of primitives used in Computer Graphics.  Basically filled-area primitives are meant to fill

3d primitive and composite transformations, 3D Primitive and Composite Tran...

3D Primitive and Composite Transformations Previously you have studied and implemented 2D geometric transformations for object definitions in two dimensions. These transformati

Education - applications for computer animation, Education - applications f...

Education - applications for computer animation Currently, studies of subjects as Art, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Medicine, and Technology are fairly simp

Scan conversion - 2d shape primitives, Scan conversion: For display of...

Scan conversion: For display of a continuously defined object, a method to map a continuous abstract object or shape into a discrete plane of computer display is needed.  This

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