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Reproduction, site of fertilistion in human

site of fertilistion in human

Name the disorder which is subject of ''the elephant man'', The name Joseph...

The name Joseph Merrick, subject of "The Elephant Man", is generally associated with one disorder, though it now seems likely he actually suffered from a different disorder. Name e

Define sweetness as a function of sugar, Define Sweetness as a Function of ...

Define Sweetness as a Function of Sugar? Sweetness is the most recognized functional property of sweeteners. Our preference for sweetness, regarded as innate, is apparent soon

Treatment of congestive cardiac failure, Q. Treatment of congestive cardiac...

Q. Treatment of congestive cardiac failure? A judicious and careful co-ordination between oxygen support, drug therapy and nutrient intake can help in alleviating majority of t

Mechanism of enzyme action, Mechanism  of Enzyme Action  The action of...

Mechanism  of Enzyme Action  The action of enzymes is to lower  the activation energy  or threshold  of their substrates which. Therefore  become  activated and   react  with

Define starch gelatinisation, Starch Gelatinisation Starch is insolubl...

Starch Gelatinisation Starch is insoluble in cold water but in warm water it swells until its gelatinization temperature begins to lose its structure and leaches out its  8con

Name the rich source of aerobic bacteria, 1. Biogas is produced by the acti...

1. Biogas is produced by the activity of aerobic bacteria on animal waste 2. Methanobacterium is an aerobic bacterium found in rumen of cattle 3. Biogas, commonly called goba

Explain the micronutrients requirements during sepsis, Explain the Micronut...

Explain the Micronutrients Requirements during Sepsis Micronutrients: The requirement of almost all vitamins and certain mineral increases due to infection and inflammation. In

Nutritional deficiency, Iron deficiency should be treated with supplemental...

Iron deficiency should be treated with supplemental iron. • Osteoporosis should be treated with calcium and vitamin D supplements. • Depending on individual factors, patien

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