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In the Lectures where the necessary heat transfer area for the production of aspirin was being discussed, we had calculated (a) the volume of the scaled up version of the tank and the agitation rate (V = 1500 Litres and N = 630 rpm). We had also calculated (b)  the heat transfer required from the steam jacket in the scaled up version to heat from 70oC to 80oC. (Heat Transferred = 76107.6 kJ/h). We now have to consider the necessary tank volume if the agitation intensity is unchanged , we are adding 200kg/h of crystals and we have heat transfer sufficient to keep the solution at 75oC.

The following guidance notes are given to extend the lecture notes:

The case study brief said that heating and dissolution of the crystals required 460 kJ/kg. Thus the energy needed is 460x200 = 92000kJ/h. This indicates that we need more heat transfer area then calculated in Part (b) of the study, thus we will have to increase the volume of the dissolution tank. If we ay that the new heat requirement is Q2:

1000_Heat transfer area for the production.png


If we take the ratio of the heat transfer coefficients:

489_Heat transfer area for the production1.png


We had shown:

1422_Heat transfer area for the production2.png

If this is substituted into equation (1)

1599_Heat transfer area for the production3.png

This can be written as  802_Heat transfer area for the production4.png

Now we can write:

13_Heat transfer area for the production5.png

If we go back to our Pilot Plant where Q1 is 7290 kJ/h then we can calculate an adjusted volume - this is the task in CASE 3.

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