Guidelines principals of the grievance procedure, HR Management

Guidelines principals of the grievance procedure: the guiding principles under the model procedure:

Conformity with existing legislation: a procedure should form part of an integrated scheme which should promote satisfactory relations b/w the employees and management.

Needs for simple and expeditious machinery: it was laid down that, as far as possible.

a. A grievance should be settled at the lowest level;

b. No matter should ordinary be taken up at more than two levels?

c. Different types of grievances should be referred to appropriate bodies or authorities.
Workmen should know whom to approach: for this purpose, it should be essential it must be complied with before the procedure is activated.

The right of the worker's representative on the grievances committee to see a document and the right of the management's representative to refuse to show a document of a confidential nature; in the latter case, confidential documents shall not be used against him;

There is a time limit of 72 hours within which an appeal can be taken from one's step to another.

Payment for the time that has been spent on the redressed of a grievance;

In the event of a grievance arising out of discharge or dismissal, the worker has the right to appeal either to the dismissing authority or to a senior body, specified for the purpose by the management, within a week from the data of dismissal or discharge.

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