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(a) Find an example of groups G, H, K with K 2325_Group automorphism.png H and H 2325_Group automorphism.png G but K 1662_Group automorphism1.png G.

(b) A subgroup H of G is characteristic if Οƒ(H) βŠ† H for every group automorphism Οƒ of G. Show that every characteristic subgroup is normal.

(c) Show that if K βŠ† H βŠ† G, K is characteristic in H and H is characteristic in G then K is characteristic in G.

(d) Show that Dn(G) is normal in all of G not just in Dn-1(G).

(e) Conclude that G is solvable i it has a subnormal series in which each quotient is abelian and each group in the series is normal in all of G.

If G is a group, an automorphism of the form 1184_Group automorphism2.png is called an inner automorphism. An automorphism not of this form is called outer.

The aim of the following questions is to show that all the automorphisms of Sn are inner, except for S6 which does have an outer automorphism.

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