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Describe the key pricing strategies of marketing, "The service industry is ...

"The service industry is customer driven, and marketing thus focuses on the needs of the customer and involves finding out what the customer wants and expect first, before any atte

Define the concept of relationship marketing, Question 1: (a) Using an...

Question 1: (a) Using an example from the local context, explain how an organisation can counter negative publicity. (b) Discuss the impact that customer retention has on

Brand building process, Brand building process: Having understood the...

Brand building process: Having understood the basis of the brand equity, let us now turn to the brand building process. As we saw earlier, brands are built over a period of t

Name the main marketing communication disciplines or tools, Name the main m...

Name the main marketing communication disciplines or tools There are five main marketing communication disciplines or tools: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling (see

Illustrates the words of philip kotler about e-commerce, Illustrates the wo...

Illustrates the words of Philip Kotler about e-commerce? In the opinion of Philip Kotler : E-commerce can be described as a general term for buying and selling procedu

Trignometry, 2(cosx+cos2x)+sin2x(1+cos2x)=2sinx


What are the marketing objectives - pricing decisions, What are the Marketi...

What are the Marketing Objectives - pricing decisions A firm may have different marketing objectives like maximisation of profit, maximisation of sales, survival in the mar

Explain target marketing strategy or product levels, 1. Discuss Lipton's b...

1. Discuss Lipton's bases for segmenting Lipton's consumer markets. 2. Examine Lipton's target marketing strategy from the product offering seen above. 3. Explain and determine t

What do you mean by business to consumer in e-commerce, What do you mean by...

What do you mean by business to consumer in e-commerce? B2C stands for Business to Consumer ; it is a type of e-commerce. It is where the consumer accesses the system of t

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