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mixing ratio of different type of ready mix concrete.(RMC)

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Explain the Rippl Diagram or Mass Diagram For a potable water reservoir, it is the simultaneous plots of the cumulative inflow and cumulative water consumption/demand, termed "

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QUESTION (a) Using an illustration, describe what happens to sunrays when it passes through the atmosphere to reach the ground. (b) What is the role of a sunscreen/sunfil

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On a per pound basis, steel pipe is stronger in bending and is less likely to buckle in axial compression.

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These days in Portugal is really difficult to get a job. So my question, is there any company that have online jobs in designing and calculating structures?

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Question What is role of rebate in typical construction joint ? Answer Construction joints are formed on sites to facilitate construction procedure. Though, if improperly constr

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Pavement Width: The pavement widths commonly adopted are : Single lane                 :           3.75 m Intermediate lane     :           5.5 m Two lane

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What is the smallest size of A325 bolts required for the two plates in tension noted below, assuming the thickness of each plate is 1.0-in. and the applied force at each end is P=2

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