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How would you value the Goodwill

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Auditors responsibilities with regard to related parties, Auditors Responsi...

Auditors Responsibilities with regard to related parties ISA 550 Related Parties states which the auditor should perform audit process designed to find sufficient suitable

Deposits and share - building society, Deposits and Share - Building Societ...

Deposits and Share - Building Society Shares may make of subscription shares and paid up shares. Interest on shares might be credited to ensure specific control to the account

Disclosure requirements - investment, Disclosure Requirements - Investment ...

Disclosure Requirements - Investment In common terms, the following items have to be disclosed in the concern to all investments: (a) The accounting policies about:-

Audit sampling, Audit Sampling ISA 530 Audit Sampling and Other Select...

Audit Sampling ISA 530 Audit Sampling and Other Selective Testing Procedures defines Audit sampling is the application of a compliance or substantive procedure to less than 10

Assignment, i have assignment question

i have assignment question

Valuation and income - verification procedures, Valuation and Income - Veri...

Valuation and Income - Verification Procedures Valuation Valuation of listed securities is easily conformed along with suitable financial publications. Directors' valua

business risk and controls, What is business risk and what controls should...

What is business risk and what controls should organizations have in place?  Business Risk and Controls Business or operational risks related to the activities carried out

Communication with expert, Communication with Expert Whether the audit...

Communication with Expert Whether the auditor intends to utilize the work of an expert then he must communicate along with the expert well in advance to confirm the terms of e

Auditing different from studying other accounting topics, 1. Why is studyin...

1. Why is studying Auditing different from studying other accounting topics? 2. How might understanding auditing concepts prove useful for consultants, business managers, and other

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