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my topic is QTL mapping of Aedes and Drosophila and I am not getting proper information for making an assignment on it what should I do?

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Explain the Nuclei or Ganglia Deep within the cerebral hemispheres are groups of nerve cells called nuclei or ganglia which act as relay stations, where impulses are passed fro

Plant cells, what is the plant cells roll?

what is the plant cells roll?

Biology, How is life originated ?

How is life originated ?

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Explain the Cleansing - Functions of Saliva Saliva is necessary to keep the mouth clean and to keep the structures within the mouth soft and pliable. In fever, when the salivar

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How are babys produced

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What is a floodplain? If a river tends to flood, the most practical solution might be to designate a more or less flat area along the river as the "floodplain". This Area is p

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application of remote sensing in land slides and flood control

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Improvement of Techniques and Crafts : In this period, there was a spurt in agriculture, as new techniques and seeds were introduced. More importantly, the crafts greatly improv

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Explain the Disorders of the Female Reproductive System Over the last decade, there has been a growing concern regarding the prevalence and extent of reproductive tract infecti

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Explain the Simple Cells - Primary Visual Cortex They are most sensitive to lines oriented in a particular angle to the vertical. Simple cells probably receive a convergence of

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