General design requirements for steam generators, Mechanical Engineering

Q. General Design Requirements for Steam Generators?

The Steam Generators shall be once-through type; with a parallel-pass arrangement, direct fired, and consist of a combustion chamber radiant section, convective section, burner forced draft fan and stack, complete with all mountings and safety equipment required for safe and efficient operation. The units shall contain all instrumentation for automatic, full modulating control and manual restart after shutdown.

The Steam Generator design shall ensure that the flow is equally distributed to each of the passes. The design shall allow for flow control on the liquid feed line to each pass.

The Steam Generators shall be suitable for indoor installation at the burner end. The portion of the target wall end of the radiant section not enclosed indoors shall be furnished with a metal weather shroud. The convection section support shall also be furnished with a metal weather shroud.

The units shall be bottom supported, welded wall construction arranged for pressurized firing.
The units shall be suitably constructed to operate safely and properly under all operating conditions without undue strain, wear, heating, leakage, or vibration.

Materials and workmanship that are suitable for the respective services shall be used throughout. All parts subject to temperature changes shall be designed and supported to permit free expansion and contraction without leakage, distortion, or misalignment.
All parts subject to wear, or requiring adjustment, inspection or repair, shall be easily accessible and shall have convenient access for removal when required.

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