Fund accounting and preparation of financial statements, Financial Accounting

Fund accounting and preparation of financial statements)
The scenario: At the start of the year beginning January 1, 2013, Coco City's General Fund had a cash balance of $40,000, vouchers payable of $35,000, and unassigned fund balance of $5,000. There were no balances in either the Capital Projects Fund or the Debt Service Fund. Coco City has adopted the following budgetary and accounting policies:
• Encumbrance accounting is used only for the acquisition of supplies. Open encumbrances lapse at the end of the year, but are considered in developing the next year's budget.
• For consistency with property taxes, "available" is defined for sales taxes as taxes expected to be collected within the first 60 days of the next year.
Part A ( Chapter 2 -Identification of funds) Coco City uses separate funds for the following activities. State the names of the funds that Coco City will use for each of these activities.
1. To account for its day-to-day operating activities
2. To acquire or construct major capital assets
3. To accumulate resources to service long-term debt
4. To operate a municipal swimming pool

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