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What are the functions and powers of the United Nations General Assembly?

The functions and powers of the United Nations General Assembly are as illustrated here:

• To see and make recommendations onto the common principles of cooperation for keeping international peace and security, as well as disarmament;

• To discuss any query relating to international security and peace and, except where a situation or dispute is presently being discussed through the Security Council, to create recommendations on this;

• To discuss, along with similar exception, and make recommendations upon any questions in the scope of the Charter or influencing the powers and functions of some organ of the United Nations;

• To start studies and make recommendations to encourage international political cooperation, the realization of human rights and basic freedoms and international collaboration into the economic, humanitarian, social, cultural, health and educational fields, the growth and codification of international law;

• To create recommendations for the peaceful settlement of any situation this might impair friendly relations between nations;

• To acquire and consider reports by the Security Council and another United Nations organs;

• To think about and approve the United Nations budget and found the financial assessments of Member States;

• To select the non-permanent members of the Security Council and the members of another United Nations councils and organs upon the advice of the Security Council, to employ the Secretary-General.

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