Formula of annuity, Financial Accounting

In common terms the present value of a regular annuity may be shown as given below:

PVNn = A/(1 + k) + A/(1 + k)2+ ..................+ A/(1 + k)N

= A (1/(1 + k) + 1/(1 + k)2+ ..................+ 1/(1 + k)N)

= A [((1 + k)N- 1)/(k (1 + k)n)]

In case of annuity due:

PVAn (due ) = A [(1 + k)n  - 1)/(k (1 + k)n)] (1 + k)   ...........................Eq(12)

Here PVAn = Present value of an annuity that has a duration of n periods;

A = Constant periodic flows and k = discount rate

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