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Design a differential amplifier with active current mirror load in Cadence using TSMC 0.35 micron process. The power supply voltage is 3.3V. A 10µA current reference is available to provide tail current through a current mirror. The required ICMR is 2V and the required low-frequency gain is 40dB.

Please turn in the following:

1. Circuit schematics with a table listing all the device size.

2. Find out the ICMR.

3. Perform a DC sweep to find out large signal voltage transfer function (the output voltage Vout vs. input differential voltage Vin+ - Vin-) for an input common level in the middle of the ICMR, and the derivative of the output voltage vs. input differential voltage.

4. Perform an AC sweep to find out the find out the low-frequency voltage gain, the -3dB frequency, and the unity gain frequency.

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