Find out the average resistance of the ground, Mechanical Engineering

Find out the average resistance of the ground:

In a construction of pile-driving for building, a pile driver of mass 25 kg freely drops through a height of 3 metre on the top of a pile having mass of 50 kg. If this is driven into the ground through 7.5 cm, find out the average resistance of the ground to pile driving and the amount of energy lost in impact.


WH   =  Weight of pile-hammer (driver) = 25 × g N

VH   = Velocity of driver before impact =

                                      2413_Find out the average resistance of the ground.png = 7.67 m / sec.

WP  = Weight of pile = 50 g N.

By Using principle of conservation of the momentum,

 (WH  VH )/g = ((WH + WP )/g) Vc

where, Vc is a common velocity of the pile along with hammer

∴ Vc  = 25 × 7.67 /75 = 2.56 m / sec.

Figure 8.7

Refer Figure showing ground resistance R

2157_Find out the average resistance of the ground1.png

R′ = Net upward resistance = R - WP  - WH

                                                = R - (75 g )

∴ (R - 75 g ) × 7.5 = ( (25 + 50) × (2.56)2/2

∴ R - 75 × 9.81 =75 × (2.56)2 /15

∴ R = 768.52 N

KE lost in impact = KE before impact - KE after impact

=25 × (7.67)2 / 2 -75 × (2.56)2 /2

= 735.36 - 245.76

= 489.60 N. m.

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