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For this assessment, you will be required to select a role within the financial services industry that interests you. Undertake your own research to find out about the role you have chosen.Complete these tasks:
>  Describe the role.
>  Describe the skills, abilities and knowledge you would need to complete the role.
>  Identify and describe the external and internal obligations that could have an impact on your completion of the role. If you are not able to identify a specific obligation, or have no way of knowing whether or not a specific obligation would apply,describe each requirement in general terms. Explain how your work activities could be affected by the obligations.

This assessment task will assess your ability to identify and find out about a role within the financial services industry. It will require you to understand what is required by those who work within the role. It will require you to ascertain the organisational and legal obligations that could have an impact on your ability to work effectively.

Student Checklist
Before submitting your assessment task, use the checklist below to ensure you have covered all
the requirements of the assessment task.


•   Have you chosen a financial services industry role?
•   Have you researched the role?
•   Have you identified the skills, abilities and knowledge you would need to complete the role?
•   Have you described the skills, abilities and knowledge you would need to complete the role?
•   Have you identified the external obligations that could have an impact on the role?

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