Final stress analysis, Mechanical Engineering

Once vendor drawings are received and piping isometric drawings are prepared, the Mechanical engineer will provide a final stress package to the stress engineer per

The stress analyst will review and if required, revise the stress work already completed. Where required, nozzle loads on equipment will be forwarded to the vendor for review and approval and revisions to structural loads sent to the structural engineer.

Stress analysis will be carried out at this stage for piping described in 9.8.2(e), routing finalized in consultation with piping design, and structural loads and location of pipe supports/restraints provided to civil department.

The Stress Engineer will initial all final isometric drawings for piping analyzed by him or her.

For piping where "manual" stress check is indicated, stress analyst will use approximate methods or his/her professional judgment and experience to review the piping. All such piping drawing will also be initialed by the stress engineer and marked as manually checked in the project file for stress analysis.

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