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Q. Fiehes test and Aniline chloride test?

Determine the adulteration in the given honey sample by Fiehe's test and Aniline chloride test

This activity will help you to:

• check the given samples of honey for any adulteration with commercial sugars, and

• check the conformance or non-conformance of the samples to the standards.


The major quality factor in honey is the indicator of honey freshness and overheating. Hydroxy Methyl Furfural (HMF) occurs in honey due to acid-catalyzed dehydration of hexose sugars. Its value in natural fresh honey varies from 10 to 14 mg/ kg, but it increases upon storage, depending on the pH of honey and on the storage temperature.

HMF content of honey also increases upon its adulteration by invert sugars. Presence of invert sugar in honey is assessed by Fiehe's test where HMF reacts with resorcinol and gives a red coloured complex. According to PFA Act, Fiehe's test should be negative for honey, whereas Codex Standards states that HMF content of honey should not be more than 60 mg/kg.

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