Fiber optics manufacture and fiber optics system manufacture, Physics

What is the difference among a fiber optics manufacture and a fiber optics system manufacture?

It is a question that would sound silly in other industries although not in this one. A lot of firms hint, or even affirm in their catalogues and brochures to be fiber optics manufacturers while this is simply not true. A Company which manufactures fiber optics is the one as transforms polymers, glass raw materials or monomers in rods and filaments, cladding these with other elements to, at last create bulk fiber optics.

One can readily notice the difference among a glass manufacturer, a window manufacturer and a glass merchant. The first takes sand and melts it in glass the second stores and trades with glass and the third incorporates glass in his last product: a window.

If one looks at the glass corporations and giant chemical it's a fair bet which they are fiber optics manufacturers. Conversely, most fiber optics companies are System Integrators. It is to say that they do not make fibers, just as the window producer does not make glass.

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