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Features of the human resource management:

1. Pervasive force: HRM is pervasive is nature. It is present is all enterprise. It fills all levels of management in an organization.

2. Action oriented: HRM focused attention on action, rather than on record keeping, written producers on rules. The troubles of employees at work are solved through rational policies.

3. Individually oriented: it tries to assist employees develop their potential fully. It encourages then to give out their best to the organization. It motivates employees through a systematic process of recruitment, selection, training and development coupled with fair wage polices.

4. People oriented: HRM is all about people at work, both as individuals and groups. It tries to put people on assigned jobs in order to produce good results. The resultant gains are used to reward people and motivate them further improvement in productivity.

5. Development oriented: HRM intends to develop the full potential of employees. The reward structure is turned to the needs of the employees. Training is offered to sharpen and improve their skills. Employees are rotated on the various jobs so that they gain experience and exposure. Every attempt is made to use their talents fully in the service of the organizational jobs.

6. Integrating mechanism: HRM tries to build and maintain cordial relations between people working at various levels in the organization. In short, it tries to integrate human assets in the best possible manner in the service of an organization.

7. Comprehensive function: HRM is, to some extent, concerned with any organization decision which has an impact on the workforce or the potential workforce.

8. Auxiliary service: HR departments exists to assists and advice the line or operating managers to do their personnel work more effectively. An HR manager is a specialist's advisor. It is a staff function.

9. Inter -disciplinary function: HRM is a multi disciplinary activity, utilizing knowledge and inputs drawn from psychology, sociology, economics, etc. to unravel the mystery surroundings the human brain, managers, need to understand and appreciate the contributes of all such soft disciplines.

10. Continuous function: according to the Terry, HRM is not a one short deal. It cannot be practised only one hour each day or one day in a weak. It requires a constant alertness and awareness of the human relation and their importance in every day operations.

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