Factors in the design of high temperature materials, Mechanical Engineering

Q. Factors in the design of high temperature materials?

There is typically little correlation between room temperature strength and high temperature strength of creep-resistant materials. The design criteria for the ‘High Temperature' range, where a material's plastic properties predominate, are based on the allowable stresses for a specified creep rate.

Tests for measuring these properties may include creep, stress-rupture or creep-rupture tests. If only the rate of deformation is measured, it is considered a creep test. If only time to rupture is measured, it is a stress rupture test. If both the deformation and the time to rupture are measured, it is a creep rupture test.

The rate of deformation over a long period of time is referred to as the creep rate. The stress rupture test will typically be carried out at a higher load (therefore higher creep rate) than a creep test so that the time to failure can be completed within a reasonable period of time.

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