Explain what you understand by corporate identity, Other Management

Question 1:

(a) Explain what you understand by corporate identity.

(b) What are the elements that constitute a Corporate Identity?

(c) What is included in A Corporate Identity Package?

(d) In your opinion what is corporate image compared to corporate identity?

(e) Corporate identity is often viewed as being composed of three parts: List these three parts by giving examples.

(f) Brand Identity is a combination of many factors list them with a concise explanation.

Question 2:

(a) What are the important factors to take into consideration while creating a company profile provided it is an established one?

(b) Packaging forms part of corporate design, list different types of packaging used in Corporate Design.

(c) Corporate Design includes Industrial Design, list 5 products that you would classify as Industrial Design elements.

(d)Specify the difference between a brand and a trademark

(e)Make a list of 5 jobs related to corporate design.

(f) Explain what you understand by Corporate Behavior

Question 3:

(a) While planning your work as a designer you have precise steps to follow in order to achieve your work properly. Explain the proper steps to follow once the project owner has submitted a specific project.

(b) Explain the place that colour has in corporate design.

(c) Explain what you understand by Graphic Palette; give a list of important things to consider while working on a graphic palette.

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