Enumerate the term - depreciation, Accounting Basics

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Explain the term- Depreciation

This is a term which is used to describe the expense which results from loss of usefulness of an asset because of age, wear and tear, and obsolescence. This adjustment spreads cost of an asset over its useful life. Calculate annual amount, then monthly. Depreciation is ALWAYS recorded by debiting an expense account named Depreciation Expense and crediting an account called a "Contra Account" (means offsetting or opposite). Balance of this contra-asset account is a credit-opposite of an asset account. Amount isn't displayed as a credit to asset account, however in a separate contra-asset account. There would be an individual account for every of the items which are being depreciated. Some illustrations would be: office equipment, store equipment, delivery truck, automobile, etc. Land is never depreciated as it's considered permanent and is presumed to last forever. Depreciation only refers to allocation of an asset's cost over its estimated useful life. There are numerous ways to conclude depreciation however this class will only use one-the Straight-Line Method.


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