Explain the term artificial intelligence, Management Information Sys

Question 1:

(a) Information systems can be classified by 1) the specific organizational function they serve as well as by 2) the organizational level. Discuss about systems in both instances using examples to exemplify your answer.

(b) ‘Many organisations cannot measure the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their technology assets because these assets have never been inventoried'. Identify the main issues which need to be considered when managing hardware and software assets in an organisation.

Question 2:

(a) ‘A company's greatest asset is its people and the knowledge and skills they bring to the workplace. Knowledge is such a valuable asset, organizations try to capture and preserve that knowledge for the future'. Explain the term ‘Artificial Intelligence' and discuss why managers would be interested in ‘Artificial Intelligence'.

(b) Although the benefits of Internet shopping include convenience and speed, many businesses believe electronic commerce offers them a more meaningful ways to reach and connect with customers. Discuss with examples.

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