Explain the severe burns - clinical therapeutic nutrition, Biology

Explain the Severe Burns - Clinical Therapeutic Nutrition?

Severe, life-threatening bums require immediate care. Dehydration is treated with large amounts of fluids given intravenously. A person who has gone into shock as a result of dehydration is also given oxygen through a face mask. Destruction of muscle tissue is also treated with large amounts of fluids given intravenously. The fluids dilute the myoglobin in the blood, preventing extensive damage to the kidneys. Sometimes a chemical, sodium bicarbonate, is given intravenously to help dissolve myoglobin and thus also prevent further damage to the kidneys.

Eschars that cut off blood supply to an extremity or that impair breathing are cut open in a surgical procedure called escharotomy. Escharotomy usually causes some bleeding, but because the bum causing the eschar has destroyed the nerve endings in the skin, there is little pain. Keeping the burned area clean is important, because the damaged skin is easily infected. Cleaning may be accomplished by gently running water over the bums periodically. Wounds are cleaned and bandages are usually changed 1 to 3 times per day.

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