Explain the renal failure, Science

Explain the Renal Failure

It is the inability of the kidneys to manufacture and excrete urine causing the waste products to accumulate in the blood plasma. If the kidneys do not function, waste products like urea, uric acid, creatinine and sulphuric acid will accumulate in the blood. In kidney failure, the urea level rises from 30 mgI100 ml to 150 mgI100 ml or more. The GFR falls and the kidneys cannot maintain the electrolyte balance. Symptoms appear when the glomerular filtration rate has fallen from 12 ml/minute to 30 ml/minute.

In this case, the water and electrolyte balance is maintained to some extent by a careful choice of diet. Protein is severely restricted to minimize the production of sulphuric acid. Your skills as a dietitian will be tested here for planning low protein diets. When the GFR is below 3 ml/minute, dialysis is needed to maintain life.

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