Explain the mechanics of respiration, Science

Explain the Mechanics of Respiration

The process of respiration can be well understood by studying the mechanism of respiration. This can be explained through a respiratory cycle which consists of three phases:

a)  Inspiratory phase: In inspiratory phase, there is an inhalation of air. It is an active process because it is the result of muscle contraction. It is partly voluntary and partly involuntary.

b)  Expiratory phase: In expiratory phase, there is an exhalation of air. It is a passive process because in this phase, the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles relax and the lungs recoil.

c)  Pause After expiration, there is a short pause.

Have you ever thought how the respiration cycle is performed? Well, it is performed with the help of the muscles. The muscles involved in respiration include intercostal muscles (external and internal intercostal muscles), the diaphragm and the abductor muscles in the larynx. Let us study how each of these muscles help in respiration. We shall begin with the intercostal muscles.

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