Explain the hydration properties of proteins, Biology

Hydration Properties 

General conformation of individual proteins in solution is largely dependent on the interaction with water.  The progressive hydration of proteins starting from the dry state, the sequential steps is postulated:

Many functional properties of protein preparations are related to this progressive hydration. Water absorption  (water uptake,   affinity  or  binding),  swelling,  wettability,   water holding  capacity  (water  retention)  and  also  cohesion   and adhesion  are  related  to the Ist  four   steps,  whereas dispersibility  and viscosity (or thickening power)  involves  5th step  also. Final state of protein, either soluble  or  insoluble (partially  or totally) is also related to  important  functional properties,  such as solubility or instant solubility  (in  which all  five  steps  take  place  rapidly).  Gelation  implies 'the formation of well-hydrated insoluble mass with specific protein-protein interactions'.


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