Explain the hawthorne studies carried out by elton mayo, Business Management


There is no one specific method of categorizing organization theorists. However, it is generally accepted that-

(a) The Type 1 theorists, also known as the classical school, developed universal principles or models that would apply in all situations. Prominent among these theorists is Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Scientific Management Approach.

(b) The Type 2 theorists, who are frequently referred to as forming the humanrelations school, view organizations as made up of both tasks and people. The common theme among these theorists is the recognition of the social nature of organizations. One of these theorists is Elton Mayo, who with his team, carried out the Hawthorne Studies.

You are requested to-


(i) Elaborate the Scientific Management Approach as propounded by Frederick Winslow Taylor, explaining the study carried out by him, the
principles of Scientific Management as put forward by him, and listing the contributions and limitations of this management approach.


(ii) Explain the Hawthorne Studies carried out by Elton Mayo and his team and elaborate the findings of these studies.

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